Cube Generator

This is how the script works

My first thought was to make a generator for attaching cubes on each vertex of geometry in world space. My intention was to use particle instances and manipulate each particle PP value from each vertex of a base geometry. So, initially, I had the first experiment to get concept for it. So, I have started working it with a real geometry cube to attach the base geometry. In working process, It was not hard to attach cubes on each vertex and picking up the color value from target geometry. However, when I tried attaching 500 cubes and give an expression for them to follow each vertex per frame, it was much slower than I thought. So I decided to make a data file containing position, rotation and normal vector values. Then I had baking key frame by frame. 

     Also I wanted to deform the target geometry, so I wanted the script to calculate normal vector on each vertex so that the cubes can have rotation value from the calculated normal vector of each vertex.

Data of each vertex position, vertex nomal

    Finally, I finished making the script with user friendly UI. The cubes can attach on each vertex, and they can pick up color value from mapping as their scale value. Also, they can have rotation value from the calculated normal vector of each vertex. Even thought I bended or deformed the target geometry, the cubes have the correct position and rotation values.

This is the Cube Generator woring in Maya

    After making this tool, I realized that this function can be used very easily in Houdini by clicking a few of buttons, but I wasn’t encouraged….XD. A couple weeks later, I started working collaboratively with my friends, and I decided to use this script in the project, and we went to some competitions with the movies. Finally, we got good news from the competitions. :D

Motion graphic for the Savannah Firm Festival 2010



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