FBX Converter (MaxScript)

Fig 1. FBX Converter (MaxScript)

In game development, there are amount of art asset files created by many artists, modelers and animators. Also, they try to use FBX converter sometimes to save time and effort but some are not. One of the biggest game company in Korea, called NEXON, asked me to make FBX converter with some functionality. Basically, this is not too hard. However, they wanted to have each file has different option. But I had not enough time and they can customize this code for what they want.

I just wrote simple method and code and gave them source code of it. So that they are able to customize what they want. Also, I additionally put the FBX option preset functions, which they can create (Fig 2) or import from FBX exporter in 3ds Max (Fig 3).

Fig 2. FBX option from user made

Fig 3. FBX option from FBX exporter they have alredy used


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