Character FX(hair and cloth)

Sometimes, my position was a character TD. So, I created some character FX such as hair and cloth. In this web page, I explained what I have done with hair and cloth.

1. Hair FX Development

The beginning of making CG hair is to make hair style based on the concept design. And if there is any problem to make it and hit the limitation to make it with CG, I discuss it with the concept artist to fix the problems(Fig 1). Also, I cooperated with render team because there is always problem with hair rendering and quality. And they need to find appropriate render images and render setup. Moreover, I have to think about the simulation and simple test of collision how it moves and reacts.

Fig 1. The hair styling process from concept design to CG hair

After finishing the styling, I try to find appropriate values for the most natural simulation and these values can be used as the default value for all simulation, these values change depending on character’s movement and exaggeration(Fig 2).

Fig 2. The test simulation   Fig 3.The hair animation shots

The biggest task of the hair animation is to get the natural movement because there are numerous hair with simulation so that it needs a lot of resources and time. Also, in every shot, character moves unexpectedly and exaggeratedly(Fig 3). So I sometimes controlled specific hair chuck with script(Python and Mel).


2. Cloth FX Development

As well as CG hair, the beginning of the CG cloth is to style. But there is a difference between styling hair and cloth. There are several cloth plug-ins developed by my companies so each software has slightly different method to style and simulate. Moreover, the cloth simulation usually takes more time then hair simulation so there must be more tests previously. On the right side of the movie is about the test of the cloth simulation. In this test, I need to find and decide the texture, weight and tension and elasticity (Fig 4).


Fig 4. cloth simulation process



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