Motion Library (Max script and Pyhon)

Motion Library (Max script + Python)

This is an idea and prototype that artists can manage their character animations in their pipeline. In general, one character has more than five motions in a game. And some character animation can be recyclable or they tweak basic animation to make various animations. So, this is worth to manage used animations. Moreover, a lot of motion capture data can be used for game as well. This means there will be big data structure with animations. Therefore, the animation data management need to be in the animation pipeline. On the other hand, artists want to have preview before assigning it to their character. So, the management system need to have preview process as well.

First of all, I focused on using Motion Capture data in 3ds Max because there are free motion capture data on the internet so all artist can use it if it is copyright free. I had to understand of the process of animation assigning to characters. Also, Most of game companies in Korea use Biped system in 3ds Max. So, I researched how that can happen. So I drew this workflow image (Fig 1). Moreover, Biped system only support BVH and BIP file for motion. However, although motion capture files have BVH data structure, they needed to be converted to BIP file, BVH doesn't work with Biped scale value. So, I wrote Max script to convert BVH to BIP below.

biped.loadMocapFile tempBip.controller "directory"
biped.saveBipFile  tempBip.controller "directory"

Fig 1. The Motion capture data workflow

And I needed to make preview process as well and FBX viewer can work for it. So I made two buttons for one motion. One is for preview and another one is for assigning animation to character like below.


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