Particle Goal Controller(Python)

Fig 1. The script controlling particle goal PP

This project was for my personal work. I wanted to make a tool that controls each of all particle goal PP to make a graphical movie, which can be used for commercial or motion graphic. I made drive objects to assign particle goal functionality and have tested particle transfer from one object to the others one by one with different time frame.

Fig 2. Paticle Goal Scritp UI(Python)

However, the moving particle didn’t have nice tail look, all particle moved at the same time, so that I put the delay option (Fig 2), which is time offset expression for each particle PP value. Also, I added picking up the color RBG value from the drive objects’s texture map to each particle RGB PP value so that as they move, they can change their color by the drive objects's RGB value(Fig 1).

As below, this is the test movie by using the script. All particle can move one by one with nice tail look and pick up color RGB values from drive object’s textures.



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