Particle Instance Tool for Debris FX (Python/PyQt)

I worked on a lot of FXs in Brainzoo Studios. Mostly, they were about explosion, dust and debris FXs. And debris FX is always used as a base FX and it takes a lot of time and process with creating expression and setting up. Moreover, each of FX artists has slightly different method to create it. So they had a difficult time to share and understand their method each other. For this reason, I wanted to unify the method to share and use and save time by using the tool that I made.
Fig 1. Particle Instance Tool Workflow Fig2. The Main Controller

The debris objects are made from the particle instance function in Maya and their movement is based on how the particle moves. So, at the beginning, I made the main controller (Fig 2), which has all attributes that can control particles value and particle PP, which are scale, rotation and velocity. And I put expressions controlled by the main controller and made connection between velocity to rotation XYZ PP so that when each particle goes XYZ, it rotates with velocity value looking like it spins on the ground. Also, I put some options for collusion and self-collusion for each particle so that they interact with passive objects and particle itself (Fig 1)
At the end, I made a converting tool from particle to real objects because sometimes their movement need to change or it always needs cache files so that sometimes they lose their connection and other team has a hard time to figure it out. And artist don’t need to do simulation over and over again, once particle is baked with key frame data, it is easy to modify each object’s movement. So I made the particle instance bake tool for the pipeline not to have any problem with it(Fig 3)
Fig 3. The Particle Bake Tool Workflow

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