Pre-Viz Tool

Pre-visualization works

While working in the Micrograph Co. I was required to be a Pre-viz artist and I did Pre-viz work for three movies: Forbidden Kingdom, Gaksital and the Silkroad Game Cinematic.
      The first work was "Gaksital". The director wanted me to create the entire Pre-viz shot because he was writing the movie scenario at the same time and wanted a visual aid in the process to better help him make necessary changes where needed. Creating the Pre-Viz was a quick and cost effective approach to solving problems.
     The director wanted to know the quantity of equipment needed and he wanted to calculate the cost of making the movie. I took the actual measurements of the equipment and cameras, modeled them to scale in Maya. I made 8 cameras and other equipment such as: Handheld, tripods, and Felix camera cranes (shown below). I attached the measurements to the modeled equipment so the director could know the height of the camera and movements.

Fig 2. Cameras and equipments scaled in Maya

  I also included camera information in the camera HUD (Heads Up Display) such as: focal length, roll, tilt, pan and code, so the information will automatically show when inside the Pre-viz shots. I also classified shots into: CG shots, normal shots, and 48 frame shots so the director could easily recognize whether computer graphics or slow motion is needed for the shot.

                                                    Fig 3. The classified shots, camera hud and Maya shelf                                                                Fig 4. Creating automatic enviroments

  In addition, I wanted to make presets of the Pre-viz tool. So, I made a tool creating each equipment automatically in MEL. I created maya shelf buttons for the different cameras, so they could be quickly created by simply clicking on one.
I added to the environment things like: night atmosphere, daylight, and fog. The Pre-viz was finished around 40 shots. I later applied the camera shortcut tool to other projects I worked on, like Forbidden Kingdom. I was able to travel to China to work on the Pre-viz for this movie and I used this tool in working with the CG supervisor and Director.


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