Local Render Manager Standalone(Python/PyQt)

Fig 1. Standalone Local Render Manager(PyQt/PyMel)  

Most of animation and visual effects companies have their render management tool for network render such as Muster. However, some files need to render with local machine depending on the shots and nodes with complicated connection. In this case, artists make a batch file to render it locally or they wait it until the render is done over and over again. And this happening occurs all the time in the pipeline. And it makes inefficient process. For this reason, I thought that artists have a local render management tool for their machine.

Brainzoo Studios also had same problem. The artists was doing the local render shot by shot and waited it until it is done. So to solve this problem, I decided to make a local render management tool by using Python Standalone and PyQt to save their time. The main 3D application in Brainzoo Studios was Maya and the main compositing tool was After Effects. Fortunately, both applications support DOS command for rendering. So I coded the tool with UI, which makes bat files automatically and interacts with the management tool(Fig 1). As a result, artists can use the render management tool when they leave the company and they can set up the render job as many as they want for both applications(Fig 2)

Fig 2. The render option for Maya Software, Mental Ray, After Effects


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