Viewport Rendering Script(Python/PyQt)

Fig 1. Maya Viewport Rendering Script

This render script was made for the FX artists in Brainzoo Studios. All FX files have a lot of data such as fluid cache files, particle cache files and animation data something like heavy nodes and data. And when the artists put them in network render manager, there was sometimes a problem that all network machines approach the huge cache files simultaneously. That makes networks slower and affect to all artist’s machines, especially, there are more than two big fluid cache files as my experience. Also some frames occurs an error somehow depending on how the camera is close to FXs.

For this kind of the reason, I was required to make Maya view port render script. The script has UI (Fig 2), which has the select layer option and start frame and end frame. And there is the movie clip how the script works (Fig 1).

Fig 2. The viewport renderer UI


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