VR Archtechure (Stingray engine)


Fig 1. Final screen image in Stingray

Autodesk acquired Bitsquid game engine and released it with new name, Stingray game engine. As an employee, I have navigated Stingray engine. And one of the biggest benefit is the data compatibility between software(Fig 2), Autodesk owns many building design software and 3D tools like Maya, 3ds Max, CAD and Revit. I gained the Revit data from one of our customers, Jinyoung Moon archtect. And optimized it in 3ds Max(Fig 3).

Fig 2. Revit - 3ds Max - Stingray workflow

Additionally, Maya and 3ds Max support PBR shader so that I finished texturing in 3ds Max and Maya. Also, when I used Stingray, I sent 3D asset from Stingray to 3ds Max and Maya, which is really convenient to modify assets.


Fig 3. Data compatibility and work process

I finished all Revit data in 3ds Max and Stingray and made the output as Oculus VR.


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